Muzzle Brake Installation

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Here is the simple and strait forward way to install our A-Hole Mk4a™ and A-Hole Micro™ Muzzle Brake. As always, triple check that your weapon is NOT loaded before doing any work on your firearm.  Make sure there is no … Continued

Canik TP9SA Decock Block

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So you got a Canik TP9SA and you want to stop the Decocker from doing it’s thing.  Well sit back and we will show you how to get that done.     First things first, go to our webstore and … Continued

Summer and Machining

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So, we must apologize.  We have been slacking off on pretty much all social media and our blog.  Why you may ask?  Well several reasons.  First when it is sunny outside in the NW Oregon we stay inside as little as … Continued