Q:  Will your ring mounts fit XXXX light?

A:  Maybe.  Currently we only offer rings with a 1″ nominal Inner Diameter.  These rings have a clamping range of about 0.040″± and can be expanded approximately 0.015″ if needed.  So they can clamp to most any 1″ light including the SureFire G2X light that is slightly less than 1″ in diameter.  If the light you wish to use falls outside that range, it most likely will not work with our rings.  While we have tested our mounts with quite a few different lights, we haven’t tested our mounts on all of the lights out there.  We are working on some smaller diameter lights to fit the E-series lights from Surefire as well as the smaller diameter Streamlight lights, but we do not have a set release date for them.


Q:  Will your light mounts work for a left handed shooter?

A:  As much as we like to dog those that shoot wronghanded, we designed all of our mounts to have zero bias on handedness.  This means that any of our mounts or adapters that we currently make will work on either side of the weapon.  And while our mounts were mainly designed to be run with the light positioned above the base (think 10:30-11 o’clock position or the 1-1:30 position), they are equally at home with the light positioned below the base.  This is for maximum flexibility in set up.  So you are not locked in to the light only being able to mount in one way.  Also, all of our bases are interchangeable so if you get a mount, then change out your rail/handguard system you can just buy a new base saving yourself a few hard earned ducats if you want.  Or if you want to go from a tube light to a SureFire Scout light or to a weapon mounted light you can just buy the appropriate adaptor, once again saving you some cash.


Q:  Do you offer a military or law enforcement discount to individuals?

A:  Not at this time.


Q:  How can I become a Dealer?

A:  Its relatively easy.  Shoot us an email to info@arsonmachine.com and we can fill you in on all of the details.


Q:  Do you sell internationally

A:  Not at this time.  This will change in the not so distant future, but for now we can only ship to addresses in the good ‘ol US of A.  If you are with an organization that is interested in purchasing in quantity, contact us at info@arsonmachine.com.


Q:  Will you ever post any videos to your YouTube Channel?

A:  Yes, we are working on it.


Q:  What’s up with your love for Oregon?

A:  We love Oregon because we live here and politics aside it is just an awesome place to be.  We make all of our products here and are proud to do so.