M-LOK Light Mount
M-LOK Light Mount, 1″ Ring
M-LOK light mount compatible with M-LOK spec host systems.  Sleek and light weight, with an extra side of ninja.
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Gen 3 Keymod Light Mount
Gen 3 Keymod Light Mount™, 1″ Ring
What can we do when we make what is arguably the best Keymod Light Mount on the market?  To paraphrase Phillip J. Fry: We will shut up and take your money.
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Troy Light Mount
Troy Light Mount, 1″ Ring
Sleek, smooth and ready for action its hard to keep your hands off of our Troy Light Mount once you have one on your rail.
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MOE Light Mount
MOE Light Mount, 1″ Ring
Compatible with most every MOE sized slotted handguards out there.  Makes mounting lights to rails then to the handguards seem just plain silly.   ***NOTE*** Our MOE light mount will NOT work with the M-LOK system.  This is for the older, pre-M-LOK handguards.  If you are unsure if this light mount will work for you, give us a call or shoot us an email and we can help you out.
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Light Shims
Light Shims
Need a shim to make your smaller than 1" diameter light fit our mount?  We have those right here.
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Gen 3 Keymod Light Mount
Light Mount Bases

Need just a new base for your existing Arson Machine Co. Mount?  Get yours here.  These do NOT come with a Ring or other adaptor.  Just a base, the necessary screws and associated hardware you need.

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Scout Light Mount
Light Mount Adaptors

Get a different light and need to swap out the adaptor?  Get yours here.  These do NOT come with a Base.  Just the adaptor, the necessary screws and associated hardware you need.

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Light Mount Hardware

Did you lose a screw or an M-LOK nut or just want some back ups for your back ups?  Get your spare hardware kit right here.  Just select your adaptor then select your base and we will ship you the … Continued

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Beretta CX4 Light Mount
CX4 Light Mount
Beretta CX4 direct mounting light mount.  Where Italian styling meets American awesomeness.  Like bacon on a pizza, once you try it your world will never be the same.
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