Troy Light Mount, 1″ Ring

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Sleek, smooth and ready for action its hard to keep your hands off of our Troy Light Mount once you have one on your rail.

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As odd as it may sound, our Troy Light Mount was the first mount that we ever designed.  Motivated by the need to mount a light onto an AR with a Troy Industries TRX rail with out using an intermediate picatinny rail -as well as being too cheap to buy someone else’s light mount- we set out on the adventure now called Arson Machine.  While we may have released other mounts prior to this one, we have spent many months behind the scenes lovingly refining it from it’s blocky, unmemorable beginnings to the Prom Queen it now is.  The extremely light weight of our Troy Light mount mixed with it’s svelte, and snag free profile makes it almost become one with the rail while still being able to take a serious pounding like all of our other mounts.  As such, it shares many of the traits you have come to know and love from our other offerings.  We use the same top shelf, American made 6061-T6 aluminum found in all of our other mounts and dress it in the same Type III hard anodized black surface treatment.  The stainless steel screws and even the stainless steel backing plate are black oxide treated so that the handbag will always match the pumps (and minimize reflectivity).  With the many mount points of the Troy Ind. rail system mixed with the modularity of this mount, there is almost no end to the different positions that it can be mounted.  Installation is a breeze and, as with all of our hardware, it is of standard SAE sizing so getting replacements in a hurry is as easy as going to your local hardware store.

1 review for Troy Light Mount, 1″ Ring

  1. Chris

    Bottom line, the Troy light mount kicks ass! The interface with the holes on my 13″ Alpha rail w/ integrated front sight is spot on and doesn’t budge once you’ve cinched down the fasteners. The light ring itself hugs the rail as close as possible and did an excellent job keeping my Surefire G2X in place. If you have an old Troy rail lying around breathe some new life into it whether you plan on running a light ring, scout mount, or a handgun weapon light. This Arson Machine product will make your Troy rail the envy of all your friends just like Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That when all they did to make her hot was just take off her glasses. What are you waiting for? Dust off your old Troy rail and toss it’s horned rimmed glasses by grabbing yourself the Arson Machine Troy light mount! On a side note Dr. Dave and the folks at Arson are awesome and kept me informed through the whole process as they were out of stock of the item when I initially placed my order. Thank you and kudos for developing a great product.

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