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In case you missed it, live under a rock or have just been ignoring us, we have just released a few new, not to mention AWESOME!!!1!1! products. Today we’d like to tell you about our “The Jeff” multi-function GoPro wrench.


The Jeff
The Jeff


To go with our recently released GoPro Mounts we released The Jeff unto the world. This humble, unassuming piece of kit is an indispensable tool for your POV action cam. Tightening the thumbscrews on your GoPro can be a chore. Whether you are shooting a 3 gun stage, squirrel suiting it off a cliff or bombing through the woods on your bike, nothing sucks more than when your GoPro isn’t tight enough and your shots get ruined. The Jeff has got your back. It inserts into the end of the thumbscrew and allows you to get just that little bit more torque to keep things right where you want it while not allowing you to totally ham fist that sucker into oblivion.

It’s next trick, and more specific to our mounts, the hole through the thumbscrew interface (the smaller of the 2 holes) can be used to turn The Jeff into a cheater bar when installing the mount using an L shaped hex wrench. Just be careful when using a ball-end hex wrench as those can strip screws or break. You have been warned.


The picatinny kit in all of its glory
The picatinny kit in all of its glory


Moving on, to keep The Jeff there when you need it, we threw a second hole at the other end to accommodate a key ring or 550 parachute cord.

Last, and most important to some, we have the bottle opener. This is pretty self explanatory. Did we have to put a bottle opener on there? No, but we like to make things awesome and pack in the value in the stuff we make.

The Jeff can be purchased by itself for the low price of $9.00 + S&H, but it also comes free of charge with any complete GoPro Mount as well as with the GoPro Adaptor kit (for those that already have one of our light mounts). That is how awesome we are. So if you own a GoPro, do yourself a favor and get one now.

The Jeff (aka GoPro Wrench)

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