CX4 Light Mount

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Beretta CX4 direct mounting light mount.  Where Italian styling meets American awesomeness.  Like bacon on a pizza, once you try it your world will never be the same.

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Despite its lack of popularity, the CX4 holds a special place in our hearts.  Its futuristic, smooth styling mixed with stellar accuracy and general small overall size have always struck a key with us.  As such it was yet another place where you have to add a rail section if you want to mount anything on the side.  The consensus was that this detracted some from the hot Italian curves of this carbine.  So we set out to design a mount that looked more at home and blended in better.  We feel we were able to achieve this with hard work, top shelf materials and a steady supply applewood smoked bacon.  Like all of our mounts, our CX4 light mount is made out of 6061 aluminum with a Type III hard anodized surface finish that is black as the cast iron pan that turns our cured pork into meat candy.  The hardware is black oxide finished stainless steel* and the rest is low profile, stout and generally awesome.  The mount can be run on either side of the carbine with the light positioned above or below the mount.  Unfortunately our CX4 light mount is not compatible with the “tri-rail” system available for the CX4.



*Note, due to Beretta’s designers using an odd thread pitch in keeping with true gun designer tradition, the factory supplied, alloy steel rail mounting screws must be re-used in conjunction with our CX4 light mount.   If you do not have these screws, contact Beretta USA for assistance in acquiring them.

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6061 Aluminum


Type III Hard anodized Black


Black oxide treated Stainless steel


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