Its Giveaway Time Chumps

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The heck you say? That’s right. Free crap. Free random crap, from off our desk to yours. You see over the months and years things tend to get piled up on the desk. Since work rarely involves putting things away, stuff tends to pile up. So in the true spirit of giving, we are giving a crap. Random crap. Some lucky Schmuck will win a random buffet of awesome from off our desk. Things that will not be given away are things that are trash and things that you would just toss when it shows up.  No you will not find a box of empty Almond Milk containers or random machine tool company flyers (unless that’s your thing, we’d be happy to oblige). What will be in the box is random gun related things or other cool stuff that we feel like cramming in there. Don’t worry, we don’t treat our customers like crap and never will, we just like to give them crap. Free random crap.   Will we tell you what is going to be stuffed in there? Probably not. It’s more fun this way. Feel like pressing your luck? Want Big Money, No Whammies? Then head over to our Facebook Page ( and follow the instructions in the pinned post at the top to the T or you will run the risk that you won’t get any crap.  It’s fun and what do you have to lose other than a couple minutes of time.

Giveaway time.
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Until next time, keep the rubber side down and don’t forget to floss…




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