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As some of you may know, we have been in the business of making light mounts for about a year now.  In that time we have gotten relatively little fanfare.  We were getting worried that the people just didn’t dig our stuff.  No news is good news right?  Well when we sell a bunch of mounts and get very little feedback we tend to get a bit bummed out.  Granted we do appreciate the two or three of you that have sent us emails but still, we get lonely here in the shop and begin to feel unloved.  But today a little ray of sunshine graced our grey and rainy world.  It came in the form of a review from the Mad Duo over at Breach Bang Clear.  We sent them out a full kit of our M-LOK stuff, but all of our bases share much the same features so it gives you a good idea of what we are up to.  If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and check it out here: http://www.breachbangclear.com/arson-machine-co/  It’s nice to know that all of our hard work and smart mouthed product descriptions haven’t gone unnoticed.

And for the tl;dr crowd, we now have video thanks to Mrgunsngear:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCJjVmGIa3s

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  1. Jay Wilson

    I actually found your company through a post that mentioned your scout mount, mlok and a dbal. 🙂

    I’m scared to death it won’t work on my new troy rail. (I have almost a $1000 into light mounts alone that didn’t work.) Time will tell. Keep it up guys, we’re listening.

  2. Patrick

    I’ve been looking for a light mount for my MOE hand guard for a while and stumbled upon Arson Machine. Ordered one, it arrived in 2 days. Mount is very nice! I am pleased and will order more in the future. Highly recommend.

  3. Derek Hostetter

    I had an absolute wonderful experience with Arson Machine. I made a last minute change to my order, I call Arson (I believe I spoke with the owner). The picatinny wire guide I wanted was out of stock, he is in the middle of moving his shop and took the time to filter through his and his sons rifles to find what I needed. He spent 10-15 minutes and took one of his own to take care of a customer that he did not need to do. A huge thank you, I received the product 2 days later and I live in Ohio. Not to many of these guys left in the world, thanks for the help and dedication in taking care of me in the middle of everything you are doing. You have a life long customer and I will pass a very good message to anyone looking for a high quality product that you offer. Thanks, Derek

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