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Keymod QD Sling Mount

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A chicken in every pot and a Keymod QD Sling Mount on every rifle.

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Owning a rifle without a sling is like going for a drive with out a car.  What’s worse is having a rifle with a sling but lacking a proper method to mount it.  That is why we have carefully crafted our Keymod QD Sling Mount.  Made of Type III hard anodize 6061-T6 aluminum durability is a non-issue.  To take full advantage of the QD Sling swivels currently being employed on slings everywhere, we carefully machine in a 4 lobe anti-rotation socket that maintains a small degree of rotational movement while keeping your sling from getting in a twist.  Utilizing Bravo Company Machine’s exciting new Reverse Keymod Screws, our sling mount is ridiculously thin yet still strong and light weight.  Attaching a QD sling swivel to your Keymod equipped rifle has never been easier.  Every Keymod equipped rifle deserves a sling, every sling (with QD sling swivels) deserves our Keymod QD Sling Mount.

1 review for Keymod QD Sling Mount

  1. roy

    bought one from Joe at parallax tactical, threw it on my rail and it fit’s perfectly. very high quality piece. thank you.

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