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Containing switch wires has been the bane of the people since lights on guns became a thing.  In the past people have resorted to all kinds of half baked, hardware store “solutions” that all seem to work about as good as using sriracha as a personal lubricant:  It may seem to work at first, but down the road, not so much.  But that dark period in history has finally come to an end.  Leveraging our years of experience making things suck less and our commitment to occasionally create new things, we devised a simple yet elegant solution for taming the errant wires on your prized shooty thing.

Our WireGuide™ wire retention system starts off on the bottom, just like us in the mornings when it’s time to check the Instagram feed.  In this case however, we started with the M-LOK system to give it maximum versatility.   From there we devised 3 separate parts of the system to allow for unparalleled routing and securing options.  The first and most basic of the three is the Thru Guide™.  This bad boy has 2 channels to feed wires parallel to the M-LOK slots.  This is the work horse of the system. You can use multiples of these to both route as well as secure your excess wires in line to the back of your light.  Next is the Right Angle Guide™.  This bad boy is a sweet little mutt-tasker.  It’s main purpose is to take the wire and do just like it’s name implies, and turn the wire 90 degrees.  This way if you are running a switch on your top rail you can bring it off the 12 O’clock and tie it inline, behind your light with ease.  It can also be used as a perpendicular pass through.  The last piece to this puzzle is our End Guide™.  This clamp’s main purpose is be used to stylishly pull the slack out of the wire if need be so that it becomes less of a snag hazard.  The wire comes in, does a full 180 and comes out in the same direction that it comes in.

Much like the small, interlocking, plastic blocks children often play with but we can’t name due to not wanting to have to deal with their lawyers, our WireGuide™ System is every bit as modular as our light mounts and just as easy to use giving you many possibilities for cleaning up your handguard.  You can use any number of the clamps in unison to create a zen like state for the wires on your gun.  The sky is the limit.  When combined, any 2 parts can sit in 1 M-LOK slot if needed.  You can also place a single clamp anywhere with in the slot which allows for the maximum flexibility in your set up.  All three Guides are made of domestically produced 6061-T651 aluminum that is Type III hard anodized in black for maximum longevity and durability.  We also added some subtle Grip Rings on the top surface of each part to help with grip and help reduce visual signature.  Plus it just plain looks cool, which makes you shoot up to 19.7% better*.  And just so you know, all of our WireGuides™ are sold individually.



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