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Portlandia Shirt


Become the life of the party and watch as only the cool kids get the awesomeness that is splayed proudly across your chest.

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As you may be aware, we love where we are located.  That is until the grass and tree pollen start making it look like 1980’s LA and when the metropolitan left lane Prius drivers open their mouths to dictate their politics to the rest of the state.  Their ignorance knows no bounds just as much as they don’t understand how to use the highway properly.  To that effect, we dedicate this shirt to them.  To those that feel that they need to ruin things for the rest of us, to those that won’t get out of the way, to those that still have 12 year old political bumper stickers on their cars as a rolling effigy to them being sore losers or poor winners.  So we got this shirt made.  It also goes really well with our muzzle brakes.  Its a well knit, Arson Blue, poly cotton piece of awesomeness.  And on top of that, in our trials only 48.3% of the people we tested this shirt on were able to truly grasp its deep meaning, with out any need for an explanation.  The rest, well they were slower than Johnny Prius hogging the left lane on 26.

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