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Picatinny Light Mount, 1″ Ring


The Picatinny Rail was designed and made in America.  Our Picatinny Light Mount was designed and built in America.  Coincidence?  We think not.  ‘Merica!

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What can be said about the Picatinny Light Mount?  There are many out there.  But none quite like this one.  Like everything else we make, our Picatinny Light Mount is made out of the finest Type III hardcoat black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum and black oxided stainless steel screws.  But we decided to break away from the pack a bit with tour Picatinny Light Mount, because quite frankly when we go into a world of white walls and vanilla ice cream, we want to be the Krylon® wielding vandal strung out on Kalua pork with sweet chili sauce and a side of mac and rice.  How did we do this?  First, we brought modularity to the table.  Like all of our mounts, the Picatinny Light Mount is fully ambidextrous and can accept any of our adaptors.  It’s primary function was to be a mounting platform for our GoPro Gun Mount but we designed it to accept any of our adaptors and any to come.  Second, is the mounting interface itself.  It utilizes two “feet” to clamp the mount onto the rail.  This allows for a mount that is much less likely to mar the rail section it is mounted to while still being strong enough to take a pounding.  The feet are fully and easily replaceable if you do manage to wreck one.  And due to their arrangement you can clamp to out of spec rails more easily as well.  While it may not be the best picatinny light mount out there, it is the most versatile.  Because, quite frankly, how many other picatinny light mounts can also mount a GoPro with swapping out a part or two*?  That’s what we thought…


*GoPro Adaptor sold separately.


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