The Jeff™ (aka GoPro Wrench)


Some tools are more equal than others.  The Jeff™ is one such tool.  Brutally simple yet astoundingly effective, The Jeff™ will be there when you need it and get the job done.

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The Jeff™ is more than a tool, it is a legend.  Named after Jeff our shopfather, and much like it’s namesake, it is very useful, usually around when needed, and always willing to crack into the Boylen’s that’s in the fridge.  Unlike it’s name sake, The Jeff™ is made from high quality 6061-T6 Aluminum and Type III hardcoat anodized black.  It’s primary function is as a GoPro wrench for the  mounting thumb nuts to get them to a proper torque to withstand recoil or just plain abuse often encountered when engaging in the other action sports out there.  The Jeff™ also serves as a bottle opener and torque multiplier for when mounting our GoPro Gun Mount to its respective base.  If that was not enough, it is also drilled to accept a key ring or 550 parachute cord so that it’s never far away when you need it, much like Jeff.  Although it won’t help you run conduit and Romex, install a clutch in your car or store your heavy equipment at his shop for a couple of months for free, The Jeff™ has proven to be the most useful tool to ever come off our production line on Taco Tuesday.  Get your’s today, buy one for a friend to show that you care.  Nobody should be without The Jeff™.


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