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In a world of fixed camera shooting videos, one company stands above the rest in it’s quest for dynamic shooting footage.  Armed with only determination, a CNC mill and more grit than their sandblasting cabinet, Arson Machine’s™ quest for the perfect tactical selfie led them on the journey of a lifetime.  In their webstore now is:  The GoPro Gun Mount.  Buy it today and share the adventure.

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Have you ever wanted to capture your shooting skills on film from the first person perspective?  Do you enjoy the look and feel of finely crafted 6061-T6 aluminum that is Type III hardcoat anodized black?  Have you ever wondered what your warface looks like halfway through a mag?  Then look no further than our GoPro Gun Mount.  Despite it’s deceivingly humble and utilitarian name, this mix of awesome design and sweet machining brings the wow factor up on your video production.  Whether you want to capture some door kicking training, some 3 gun action or want to relive the moment when your buddy screamed like a little girl when you shot him while playing airsoft, our GoPro Gun Mount is for you.  Pulling from the modularity found in all of our mounts, it can be mounted in many different ways to allow for the perfect angle.  Pair it up with other GoPro accessories such as the GoPro Side Mount to give it even more flexibility.  It can even be used with our Offset Light Mount Adaptor* to set the GoPro Gun Mount at 90° to the base to help expand your mounting options (such as when mounting to a picatinny rail equipped pistol).  For the aspiring firearms cinematographer this is the MUST have accessory for your kit.  It comes with the GoPro adaptor, case mount spacer, the base of your choice, and our Jeff Tool.  There is no finer way to get your #tacticalselfie and #fullautogrin captured for all eternity.


*Offset Light Mount Adaptor is sold separately.


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